I’ve never been an avid blogger. In fact, I’m an impulsive blogger who only blogs when….when actually? And why? That’s a question that really struck me and sticked with me for the whole time I was in a reading slump. It wasn’t the reading slump only that kept me from updating my blog. Life happened. Decisions happened. Failures happened. Subsequently, I didn’t feel motivated to write about anything, let alone do book blogging. I remember I almost felt ashamed when I – on rare occasions – would comment on other people’s blog feeds and these bloggers would suddenly comment back on one of my posts that were from at least one year ago. You know that excited buzz that grips you when you see new book releases? Yeah, I wasn’t even interested in viewing the release lists.

So, months passed. And I started traveling again. You know, one advantage of living in Europe is that it allows you to travel to so many countries in no time, but the memories, friends and experiences that you make will stay with you for the rest of your life. And I discovered my passion for photography. I’m still not very good in it but it’s so much fun seeing my slow progresses every day. One thing that I realised was that sometimes, stepping outside your comfort zone and starting something completely new is the best thing that can happen to you.

And suddenly, everything fell into place. I re-discovered my love for books, literature and words. Another thing that I realised is that book blogging is a nice hobby, but it’s also a commitment. So again, I felt the need for change. Bookraptured has been an important step in my blogging life, but I feel like it’s also limiting my blogging visions now.

That’s why I’m starting over and rebranding my blog. I want to talk about books, but I also want to talk about stars and the universe and wanderlust, show you lovely places with random faces. I want to make my blog more informal and my thing. Yes, I’m still doing book reviews etc., but everything will be more relaxed. Still following? If yes, hop over to my new blog

Cosmic Book Love