Announcing the Soshelf Distancing Book Club!

  In a nutshell: Claire @clairefies and I teamed up to found an online book club called the “Soshelf Distancing Book Club” and you are more than welcome to join!!! YES, it’s a real book club where we’ll chat about books during social distancing, and it’s possible to do it without leaving the house! HereContinue reading “Announcing the Soshelf Distancing Book Club!”


I’ve never been an avid blogger. In fact, I’m an impulsive blogger who only blogs when….when actually? And why? That’s a question that really struck me and sticked with me for the whole time I was in a reading slump. It wasn’t the reading slump only that kept me from updating my blog. Life happened. DecisionsContinue reading “Revival”

Under the Spotlight — Interview with Angie Stanton

I’m so excited to be hosting the amazing Angie Stanton on my blog today! For those who don’t know her — she’s the author of The Jamieson Collection series (Under the Spotlight is the third book in this series!!) as well as of Royally Lost, a YA contemporary that was published last year. Something that I reallyContinue reading “Under the Spotlight — Interview with Angie Stanton”

Rezension: Eisblaue Augen

Titel: Eisblaue Augen Autorin: Sandra Bäumler Verlag: Carlsen Impress Seitenzahl: 284 Erschienen am: 4. September 2014 Kurz und knapp: Lesen auf eigene Gefahr! Als die achtzehnjährige Alex in einer originalen »Jane Eyre«-Ausgabe ihrer Großmutter eine Handvoll geheimnisvoller Tagebuchblätter findet, ahnt sie noch nicht, wie sehr diese ihr weiteres Leben bestimmen werden. Sie erzählen von der jungen Kate, dieContinue reading “Rezension: Eisblaue Augen”