Favorite Reads of 2014

We’re coming closer to the end of 2014 so I thought I’d share my reading highlights of this year. I read about 50 books in 2014, and considering the fact that I was extremely busy this year because of school I’d say that’s a pretty okay number. Beside that, 2014 was definitely one of the most exciting reading years of my life since I created this book blog, and I feel fairly blessed having met so many new authors and fellow bloggers! Blogging has absolutely shaped my way of “judging” a book, especially in the way they make me feel. Anyway, while you’re here, don’t forget to share your personal favorites of 2014!

Btw, all books are shown in a random order. Also, click on the cover to be redirected to my review (if available).


Pieces of Olivia is, hands down, one of the best New Adult books I’ve ever read, if not even the best one. It’s a book filled with emotions from the beginning to the end; it’s like Melissa West put the best parts of NA into one book, yet creating something more beautiful, unique. I didn’t expect Olivia’s story to be so deep, profound and unbelievably moving –I fell hard for West’s touching writing. Also, I had so much fun re-discovering my passion for the genre again since it doesn’t follow the usual, very predictable NA plot scheme; quite the contrary it re-ignited my passion for NA books again. Thank you, Melissa West, for writing such an amazing book!


Just another book about cancer again, you might think? Well, not this one. I can’t say how many times I burst into tears while I read Heart Shaped Rock, and Laura Roppe is a pro in depicting the ups and downs of when being faced with the aftermath of cancer. Seize the day. That’s what the book is about, complemented by a very lyrical and surprisingly strong writing style.

Stunde der Lilie

If you happen to be a German-speaking reader, GO AND READ THIS BOOK. Seriously. Die Stunde der Lilie is set in 17th-century-France (Louis XIV plays a minor role in the book) so as a history geek and a frankophile I was instantly sold. There’s so much wit and sarcasm in this book, I think I almost pissed myself laughing. Sandra Regnier is a German YA author you should definitely look out for!


This book is one of the few adult books I read this year, and although being a little sceptical towards the story at first, it quickly grew close to my heart. Paullina Simons’s writing is lyrical, simple, complex, I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E.! The story is gut-wrenching, gives you the feels, makes you realize how much beauty in a single book can be. My heart broke for Tatiana and Alexander who – due to WW2 – somehow always lose sight of each other but always find their ways back. Definitely a must-read. Epic love story.


I’m gonna admit this: I really didn’t expect to love this book. I mean, the plot sounded pretty decent and the premise didn’t sound too bad either, and I was in need of an action-packed book. But guess what? Exctraction was about so much more. Friendship. Failure. Betrayal. Hope. I fell in love with Diaz’s evil genius brain writing. The book is, hands down, one of the best dystopias literature has to offer.


I’ve never been a big fan of High Fantasy but Sara Larson showed me once again how wrong I can be sometimes. Not only is Defy about magic, Larson herself created some kind of magic with this book, the way I emotionally responded to the story. I laughed, I cried, I suffered with Alexa together — in a nutshell, it was an unforgettable reading experience.


I really hoped I’d end up liking this book but NO, I’m in LOVE with it! I was a little bit suspicious at the beginning though, since there was so much hype about it. Anyway, I don’t think I’ve ever met a heroine in literature as stubborn and strong-willed as Kestrel, and I’ve hardly ever encountered a writing style as unique as Rutkoski’s. Just read this book. You won’t regret it.SweetReckoning

…is one of the most awesome conclusions to a trilogy that has ever existed in the YA universe. Wendy Higgins has definitely outdone herself with this book — there was simply so much love in it; seeing the dynamics among the characters felt like a treat. It also, however, felt unreal to say goodbye to the characters in the series so I’m glad there’ll be another book published in this series next year (I guess?) but which will be from Kaidan’s POV!

8 thoughts on “Favorite Reads of 2014

  1. I just posted my favourites of this year too, I love how there are so many books I haven’t heard of before on your list, I love discovering new books to read! Heart Shaped Rock sounds amazing, great picks!

    1. Gosh, sorry I haven’t replied to any of your comments since Christmas until now! I feel ashamed of having neglected my blog for such a long time 😮
      Anyway, I know exactly what you mean, I love reading favourite lists and stumbling on new books (I’m about to check out your post too, so I’m really excited!! 🙂 ) And YUP, Heart Shaped Rock was an AMAZING read. Not exactly mindblowing, but I was deeply touched by the book.

  2. I read Sweet Reckoning this year too and I was really happy with the way it finished, which doesn’t happen often with trilogies for me! I haven’t read many of the other books on your list, but I’ll have to check them out.

    1. Sweet Reckoning was perfect! I think it’s because it didn’t have a happily-ever-after-ending but one that simply made the reader happy after so many ups and downs. 🙂 And yes, go check them out!!! (And then come back and tell me what you think of them :b )

  3. I am so honored Heart Shaped Rock is on your list of top reads for 2014. Just WOW, that’s all I can say. Thank you so very much! xoxoxoxo Laura

    1. My pleasure, Heart Shaped Rock was one of the most touching books I read last year, so I simply HAD to put it on my list.

      Btw, I wish you a very happy 2015 🙂 (I know I’m waaaay too late with this!)

      Lillie x

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