Happy Holidays!

I know I’ve been MIA for like months, but I was crazy studying for the last exams this year (it won’t get better until spring 2015 guys) and I feel seriously drained now. I mean, in Germany we’ve got two written exams for each and every single subject per semester, so my brain was basically like this:

It didn't explode, thank you very much for asking, but it gave off clouds of smoke I swear (kind of).
It didn’t explode, thank you very much for asking, but it gave off clouds of smoke I swear (kind of).

Anyway, in Germany we already celebrate Christmas today, i.e. on Christmas Eve, so I wanted to avail myself of the opportunity to wish everyone of you out there a very happy Christmas! It feels a little bit surreal, though, especially since it hasn’t started snowing in Germany yet (you can’t really call 2cm sleet snow). It didn’t stop my mom from decorating our house though.CreepyFireplaceDo you see that creepy Santa? He scared the hell out of me when I saw him for the first time — I mean, he’s got that creepy Annabelle look!!
Also, I can’t say to how many Christmas markets I’ve already been to this year — Germany is going crazy!!!! On the bright side, they definitely raise my anticipation for Christmas Eve dinner (if you happen to follow me on Instagram, be prepared to be spammed!!).

Anyway, have an amazing Christmas time and enjoy your time with your family and friends!

(And now please excuse me while I continue to sing German Christmas carols.)

3 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!

  1. Happy Christmas to you and your family! Good luck on your studies and exam.

    This year, we didn’t go overboard with Christmas decoration and we rarely open the Christmas lights too. My mom only put up the Christmas tree and a few lights in the front yard.

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