Summer Hiatus + other random ramblings

I’ve tried to avoid this post but as you might’ve already guessed from the title, I’ll actually be going on a temporary two week hiatus from July 31 – August 15ish. After three weeks of working in an office (it was a summer job — I’m still a student!) me and my family are finally going on summer vacation — to an island in the north of Germany. I’m really looking forward to this since I’ll have lots of time to read books (for my own pleasure!) at the beach, and basically just having a good time with my family.

Of course, I already have some posts scheduled to release during those two weeks. Just don’t get mad if I don’t answer to your comments — it’s very unlikely I’ll have any chance to check back here on my blog since the place where I’m going to be won’t have any wifi or any kind of internet access .(As a side note — I just recently dropped my cell phone in water, so yeah.)

And sorry I’ve been kind of absent lately but I’ve been sick since the last few weeks. What exactly do I have you have, you wonder? Well, recently there’s been a heatwave in Germany (105°F +/40°C +) and of course I forgot to drink enough water. Silly, right? Anyways, as you’ve probably figured out, I got a sort-of-kind-of-circulatory-collapse — except I never really blacked out. Which on the other hand, resulted in nausea, sickness, severe dizziness, all kinds of headaches etc. . And this sucks. Like really hard. I also got an infusion in my arm and I was like “OMG Grey’s Anatomy and Scrubs is happening to me right now!!!”. But the story gets even better. On the day where I almost fainted I was jumping off a bridge. Wait, that sounds as if I were suicidal. Which I’m absolutely not, I swear!! What I meant to say is: Me and my friend were doing some kind of cliff diving (or bridge diving) at our local lake. So when it was time for me to cut surface again – which I did, but too fast – my equilibrioception was impaired somehow. And THIS absolutely sucks! I couldn’t see straight anymore. I felt like Katniss in The Hunger Games where she is stung by those tracker jackers, starts hallucinating, feels as if she couldn’t move anymore and seems to see things twice. (My doctor later found out that I suffered a concussion. Having a concussion = so not funny.) In other words, I felt really shitty. I couldn’t eat good food (which is like the end of the world for me) (I think I even started hallucinating about food in my bed). Anyway, if you’re still here, reading my little awkward tale — thank you, you’re kind of awesome!

In other news, I just recently realized my blog hit over 100 followers! Hooray!  There actually *might* be a little (or rather big) giveaway following soon, so please please stay tuned. I’ve already put the giveawy prizes together and there’ll be loads of signed stuff to give away. There’s actually also a current giveaway on my twitter account for a chance to win a signed Teardrop copy by Lauren Kate. Just click *here* and the link will lead you directly to the giveaway.

Anyway, see you in two weeks!

xo, Lillie

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