Life of a blogger: Your quirks

Life of a Blogger

Life Of A Blogger is hosted by the fabulous Jessi from Novel Heartbeat where we let people know more about our lives outside of blogging so they can get to know us better!

So this week’s topic is all about quirks you have. Truth is, I can’t honestly think of any extreme quirks in my life. I do, however, have TONS of “minor” quirks which I’m gonna reveal exclusively to you. Here we go!

1. The wannabe singer
When I feel extremely cheerful, I’ve got that tendency to make a song out of random word snippets from any kind of conversation. I don’t even have to be a participant in it. Just give me a word — there’s always a song that matches it. This, however, doesn’t mean I can sing in public or even among friends. Wait, of course I can, but with a very awkward voice. Which leads me to another quirk:

2. Lillie turns into Kermit the Frog
When I feel embarrassed to say something, I always try to pretend to be very funny or sarcastic (I fail in both things, trust me). However, I always get that weird and awkward voice in such situations which has a strong resemblance with that of a Kermit the Frog. So if you ever saw me singing in front of a crowd, don’t be surprised there’s no frog around since it’s actually me. Btw, I love singing 80s/90s song with that voice. I mean, how can you sing Earth Song by Michael Jackson with a serious voice?!

That’s how I usually freak out when singing Michael Jackson songs.

3. The soliloquizer
I hate to be under pressure or totally stressed out because I’ve got a weird habit to handle such situations: I soliloquize. And this pretty much happens all the time during exams. Ask my math teacher. Oh, and I usually drift into Chinese somehow. Which, on the other hand, pretty much confuses other people around me.

4. Weird sleeping habits
I’m a somniloquist which means I can talk up to two hours to myself (with some interruptions in between) during sleep. Actually, I can even respond to your sentences if you tried to talk (back) to me during that somniloquy stage.

5. Weird urges
I often have the urge to check out if a random number is divisible by 3.

6. My personal apocalypse
I can’t leave the house without a pack of tissues. No tissues = my doomsday

7. Wannabe smartass Lillie
I usually quote things incorrectly or in a weird context. 

(My quotes are far more disastrous)

And now, last but not at least (okay, it’s not really a quirk-quirk, but still):
I’ve got that double-chocolate cappuccino addictionI need to have my double-chocolate cappuccino every morning. A day without a double-chocolate cappuccino = a grumpy and sourpuss me.

So these are some of my weird habits. What quirks do you have? Let me know in the comments or send me the links to your own post!

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