Book Blitz: 2B OR NOT 2B – Author interview

2BorNot2BTitle: 2B Or Not 2B? (Roomies #1)
Author: Stephanie Witter
Category: New Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: AG Publishing
Cover Artist: Cover it Designs
2B or Not 2B? (The Roomies, #1)

London Reed is on the hunt for a place to live before the start of her second year in college. Either she is successful and can enjoy her student life without the pressure of her parents breathing down her neck, or she goes back home and clashes with her parents. Because London doesn’t have a filter.”You’re a weird one, aren’t you?”She basically tells it as she sees it. So when she meets the hunky and scarred guy who lives in apartment 2B, the last apartment on her exhausting list, she’s sure to bring some crazy in his life. But he’s determined to not take a girl for a roommate.“I have nothing against you, but I don’t see this working for me.”

London doesn’t give up that easily and makes a deal with him. If she makes it for two months, she’s in for the whole year. If not, then she leaves to never contact him again. Easy, right? Not so much.

“You should have told me that you wanted me to be all over you.”

When a guy and a girl live under the same roof, it’s bound to complicate things. Between banters, heady games of seduction, innuendos and insecurities revealed, the life in apartment 2B isn’t simple, and a few slips in their relationship doesn’t help the matter.

“You’re driving me completely nuts. That’s my fucking problem.”

Ebooks and paperbacks will be available on Amazon, Nook, iTunes and Smashwords late June 2014. Stay tuned!

Banner (2)This month, I was lucky enough to interview Stephanie, the author of 2B Or Not 2B? in celebration of the book release. And btw, she’s like one of the nicest authors I’ve ever met. So without further ado, here we go!

How long did it take you to write 2B Or Not 2B? ?

I started writing 2B Or Not 2B? just after I was finished working on Patch Up, my other NA Contemporary novel. Since that other story was emotionally draining to write, I needed something lighter to change my mind and I never thought anything would come out of it. But these characters won me over very quickly. 😉
I’d say that the first draft took me 3-4 months and then 2 months re-writing/editing it and having a few of my beta readers reading it.

What came first – the title of the book or the plot? I mean obviously, I LOVE the pun!

The plot. The title came only a couple of weeks before sending it to my publisher. The working title was Feisty Roomies and even my beta readers knew this book as Feisty Roomies and not as 2B Or Not 2B?. One of my beta reader pushed me in the right direction and then suddenly it hit me. I immediately fell in love with the title and knew it was the perfect fit. I’m delighted that many people fell in love with the title too. 🙂

How did you come up with all those funny and witty dialogues in 2B Or Not 2B? Really, they are HILARIOUS!

Thank you! I’m not used to writing funny things so it’s a huge relief knowing I’m not the only one laughing at London and Byron’s shenanigans. Their dialogues came to me unexpectedly and at the oddest times. I guess I let out my quirky self speak for a little while instead of silencing it. I had a blast going all out and London was a perfect character for that.

What made you decide to write such a pretty “unorthodox” NA book?

I read a lot, probably less these days because I have many deadlines, but I still read a lot. I’m one of the readers who immediately fell in love with this new category and while I still love NA books, I wanted to write something different, something that could be a good fit as a summer read, something fast to read with addictive banters that would made readers smile or outright laugh. I like writing “unorthodox“ stories and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to write “orthodox“ ones even if you asked me to. I hope I’m not wrong in my choice! 😉

When’s your favorite time to write?

I’m not a full time writer, if only!, so I’m trying to cram as many hours in a day as I possibly can. I can write early in the morning if I’m awake before dawn, sometimes during my lunch break and mostly once I’m back home at night. I’m quite the night owl and I love writing at night.

What’s the hardest thing about being a author?

Marketing. I’m really bad at it and nobody is going to contradict me. I never know what to say about my books to make people want to read them or which type of marketing plan would best fit me and my books. Getting the word out is hard, very, very hard and I’m thankful everyday for the people helping me. These ladies are fabulous, just as much as book bloggers are for giving my stories a chance.

What’s next on your writing schedule?

I have two stories I need to finalize by September. One is FIX UP, the sequel and conclusion to Skye and Duke from PATCH UP. I’m currently working on this book with one of my beta reader. I’m also currently writing the first draft of Kate and Derek’s story, the secondary characters from PATCH UP. I should be finished with this first draft in about 3 weeks. After these two books, I’ll send to my beta readers a standalone NA Contemporary Romance I recently wrote. As you can see, I’m pretty busy. 😉

I should start writing another installment in The Roomies series in November or December.

Congrats on the book release again! I’m currently halfway through the book and I’m LOVING it so far. It’s so much fun to read those hilarious conversations between London and Byron!

Thank you! I really hope the other half won’t disappoint you. And thank you a lot for having me on your blog. 😀

About the Author:

Stephanie Witter is a French dreamer. She started learning English at three, and fell in love with the language. Always with a book, oStephanieWitterAuthorPicr two close by, she started reading in English when she couldn’t wait any longer for Harry Potter to be translated in French. After a while, reading wasn’t enough. She soon started writing Young Adult and New Adult Contemporary novels filled with angst, love, hope, drama and a touch of fun. PATCH UP is her first New Adult Contemporary novel.

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